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Sistema Hyperdesmo T - Protezione di Piastrelle




It is very common that as a residential building is constructed, the waterproofing of balconies is neglected or carried out using low quality materials.  Most homeowners are not willing to remove existing tiles, which in most cases are new, in order to waterproof their balconies.  For this type of situation Alchimica offers an easy, quick and economic solution to over tile waterproofing.

The Hyperdesmo T system consists of a quick drying primer, PRIMER-T and an aliphatic liquid polyurethane membrane Hyperdesmo-T.
Hyperdesmo-T is an elastic, high tensile and tear strength liquid membrane that has excellent UV stability; guaranteed not to yellow over the course of time.  It may be applied in thick coats e.g in the joints between tiles, cracks in the tiles) without any bubbling.  IMPORTANT! The joints and seams between the tiles should be thoroughly cleaned and completely dry before the application of Hyperdesmo T.
Application of Hyperdesmo –T does not only produce a watertight seal but prevents deterioration of the tiles caused by continuous contact with harsh detergents, standing rain water and discoloration from UV.


  • The entire surface to be protected is cleaned thoroughly, special attention is paid to the joints and seams so they are completely clean and dry.

  • Application of Primer-T
Primer-T is applied using a clean cloth.  The application is as if one were cleaning the tiles.  Minimum consumption is required and care is taken so that there is no dripping or ponding of the primer.  Primer-T dry very rapidly, within 20 minutes of application the surface is ready for the main waterproofing membrane Hyperdesmo-T

  • Application of Hyperdesmo-T
Hyperdesmo T is applied by roller or trowel with minimum consumption of 0.5 Kg/m2. Please see technical data sheet for further information.
Hyperdesmo –T produces a glossy finish, in the case that a satin finish is desired a thin coat of PU-FINISH MATTE   is applied as soon as Hyperdesmo-T has cured.


Application of Hyperdesmo-T with Roller

Final Appearance of Balcony